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(Español) La boda que habías soñado en Cáceres

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In the search of the perfect place for your wedding? Only 10 minutes away from the center of the city, in Hospes Palacio de Arenales & Spa we offer you all the accommodations and amenities for your wedding day to be as special as possible.

Guest transfer service and special rates in accommodation & SPA

Celebration in room with natural light, garden and pergola for ceremony

10% discount In weddings celebrated on non festive Fridays and Sundays

New menús for the 2018

Information & Reservations

Hospes Palacio de Arenales & Spa

Ctra N-521, Km 52 | 10005 Cáceres
T +34 927 620 490 | F +34 927 620 491


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