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Musical evenings in Hospes Palacio del Bailío

By | 3 November, 2018 | 0 comments

Pasillo_BajaIn Hospes Palacio del Bailío we have prepared several musical evenings, where you can enjoy the gastronomy of our hotel with good live music, musical evenings of November:


Flamenco and Dancer Guitar

November Nights: 1 and 8.

Classical Music


November Nights: 3 and 10.

Free admission with a la carte service

String music with soundtracks

String accompaniment with classic themes and movie soundtracks

A la carte dinner at the Arbequina Restaurant

November 22nd.

Free admission with a la carte service

Backwards Tasting Menu 

Surprising tasting menu. 

November 23rd.

Free admission with a la carte service


Hospes Palacio del Bailío

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