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Mallorca “The best breakfast in the world”


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Product Description

Enjoy a unique gastronomic offer: a totally innovative culinary experience. It is a breakfast without a menu or buffet, varying the ingredients and dishes depending on the season. A true delight for the senses.

In this breakfast you will taste:


Detox – Green apple, carrot and ginger

Antioxidant – beet, mango and banana

Toning – Greek yogurt, turmeric and dates

Seasonal fruits on passion fruit pickle, strawberry foam

and crispy tuna

Foie with mango in yoghourt textures

lyophilized, osmotized and rocks

Mallorca’s ensaimada “Borrachito”, creamy chocolate

ice cream, caramel and Carquinyols

Caramelized mahonés cheese “brossat”, marinated trout and apricot bread

Shrimp in kaffir lime and coconut sauce, apple and “palo” quince

Passion for cava

Suckling pig taco, Mallorca’s cream of soup and botifarró jelly

Chocolate and truffle “Assiette Gourmande”

Balearic Island sweets

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Price per person 49,50 € per person
Valid for1 year from the date of purchase
Reservation is required 24 hours in advance