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The promise of exoticism and transformation is created in the foreground of this exuberant fragance as fruity notes of mandarin, pink berries and orange combine perfectly with touches of thyme and cinnamon.

Discreet, sweet and elegant notes of jasmine and orange blossom are at the heart of the essence and alternate with distinct rich and sophisticated hints of cardamom, nutmeg, apple and clove.

An aromatic combination of amber, musk, cedar, vanilla and teck wood concludes the sensory experience and brings a feeling brings a feling luxury, tradition and well being.

First: Mandarin | Pink Berries | Cinnamon | Thyme | Orange

Core: Jasmine | Orange Blossom | Cardamom | Nutmeg | Apple | Clove

Essence: Amber | Musk | Cedar | Vanilla | Teck wood

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