Hospes Hotels

Hospes Hotels

New places, flavors and aromas in unique destinations.

Our hotels are built in historical buildings that have been completely refurbished, combining tradition and modernity in an avant-garde style with a wealth of details.

We offer a personalised service to make you feel at home, we show you the most magical and surprising places in our cities.

Taste the most delicious local dishes in our restaurants and treat yourself to our BODYNA wellness areas.

We are waiting for you!

Ten destinations for unique experiences.

Alicante, Caceres, Cordoba, Granada, Madrid, Mallorca, Salamanca, Sevilla, Valencia, Porto… Discover the best destinations with Hospes Hotels.

We have luxury boutique hotels in Spain and Portugal, we want to help you discover the hidden wonders that await you in every corner.

Relax and unwind in luxurious spaces designed for wellbeing. At Hospes Hotels we are committed to purity, authenticity and connection with the local environment, ingredients that will make your visit an unrepeatable experience.


The buildings have been refurbished and provided with the comfort and luxury to become great hotels that are part of the cities where they are located, bringing great potential to the destinations, and preserving their historical and architectural values.

They are unique spaces where luxury and exclusivity merge with comfort and wellbeing to make you feel in a privileged place.

Each destination is unique, as is each building and each guest, therefore, at Hospes Hotels we offer a friendly service and personalised attention so that all our guests find the necessary wellbeing and services. We have the key to enjoying wellness and relaxation experiences where you can experience new sensations, replenish your energy and create unforgettable memories, as well as local gastronomy that will showcase the culture of each region.

A taste for authenticity.

At Hospes Hotels we are driven by a taste for authenticity, and there is nothing more authentic than local culture. The best way to get to know a region is to explore its heritage and customs and, of course, the local gastronomic offer of quality local products. You will be able to experience the flavours of the land first hand and connect with the culture and its people while enjoying the most innovative proposals in our Gastronomic spaces.

Hospes Hotels


Whatever experience you are looking for, at Hospes Hotels we have one specially created for you: Beach, Heritage, History, Culture, Nature, Gastronomy… As a complement to all of them, we recommend an experience of Wellness and Revitalisation in our BODYNA SPA areas, which owe their name to the combination of “BODY” and “NATURE”. In them you will feel pampered with personalised treatments and manual applications that fuse oriental and traditional massages, with natural products that will awaken your senses.

Hospes Hotels

Committed to the environment

Our passion and respect for the environment make us aware of our responsibility for its preservation. That is why we strive every day to provide a quality service that, together with sustainable development, is respectful of our environment.

Thanks to the union of tradition and modernity, we preserve the original characteristics of each building by promoting the use of sustainable materials and optimising energy sources in the implementation of tools, which help to minimise environmental impact and optimise resources.

The Environmental Management System is currently implemented based on compliance with the UNE-EN-ISO 14001 and 14064 standards. We are therefore committed to allocating the necessary means and resources and to preventing environmental damage, especially pollution, the depletion of natural resources and the avoidance of waste when treating or recycling waste.

Hotel management.

Hospes offers you its 30 year experience in the management of luxury boutique hotels to take your property to a higher level of excellence in terms of product and service, that would allow for better results.

We share with you our best practices in hotel management, our well honed marketing capacities —both nationally and internationally—, and our purchasing power; all under the umbrella of a prestigious brand.

And we also want to share with you our enthusiasm on what we do, and establish long term relationships based on close collaboration and trust.

We can also act as advisors in the design and development of hotel projects, in the restructuring or repositioning of existing properties, as well as in the streamlining of hotel operations or marketing activities.

Hospes Hotels

Contact us with any questions.

Hospes Hotels


Since our creation in 2000, our goal is to take care of our customers and accompany them on their journey, showing them new experiences that help them discover the secrets hidden in the cities, providing them with everything they need to make their stay unique and unrepeatable.

This is possible thanks to our team of professionals who work every day, anticipating the needs of our guests, ensuring their well-being and offering the necessary services for the perfect trip.


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