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Get to know Porto’s rich heritage

Stay in the bustling historic district

Portugal’s majestic northern capital presents a mesmerizing fusion of antiquity and modernity. This World Heritage city boasts breathtaking architecture, genuine street life, rich cultural offerings, refined boutiques, and a plethora of the country’s finest dining establishments. Immerse yourself in vibrant cultural landmarks including the Bolhão market, Lello bookshop, Praça da Liberdade and Rua das Flores, which are all within short walking distance from our hotel.

What to see in Porto?

An exciting blend of old and new

Known for its UNESCO-listed historic center, burgeoning cultural scene, and infectious laid-back vibe, this gem of a city is located in the northwest of Portugal, with picturesque colourful buildings tumbling down the hillsides to the banks of the Rio Douro. Porto is a city made for walking – explore its charming medieval cobbled streets, narrow alleys or bridges, not the mention the many miradouros – or viewpoints. Visiting Porto is a journey of discovery through stunning historical buildings, but also modern art galleries, craft shops and contemporary architecture.


A town synonymous with Port wine

No trip to Porto would be complete without visiting the famous Port wine cellars and tasting one of the world’s most iconic wine. The city of Villa Nova de Gaia, on the south bank of the river River Douro, is home to the majority of the Port cellars which have housed wine for centuries. Today, the historic cellars are open to everyone who would like to learn more about how Port is made, how it is aged and its crucial role in the history of the city.

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Laid-back gastronomy

Porto is not all stunning historic buildings and tiled churches. It is also a city with a lot of heart, which can be felt in how friendly its inhabitants are, in the slow pace of life, and above all in the pride they take in the local cuisine. From food markets abounding with fresh produce, to petiscarias offering traditional fare and Portuguese-style tapas to modern eateries with contemporary fine dining, or hip bars along the river banks – there is always a new specialty to savour or exquisite port to sip on. Head to the stylish Scarlett Brasserie & Wine Bar on our ground floor for some people-watching or for a bite to eat.

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