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Sueños (Dreams) Project


“Sleep well and you will achieve your dreams”.

At Hospes Hotels we know that a good rest is essential to achieve the goals we set for ourselves in life. Aware of this, our role cannot be limited to offering our guests the best services in our properties. This is the origin of the Sueños Project: social initiatives aimed at ensuring that part of society gets a good night’s sleep and thus fulfils its dreams.

  • Iniciativas sociales encaminadas a lograr que una parte de la sociedad consiga dormir bien y alcanzar sus sueños.
  • Our vision: To be purveyors of dreams.
  • Our mission: Enabling the most disadvantaged to make their dreams come true.

The Sueños Project is a non-profit social project that we have developed at Hospes, whose goal is to give back to the word “dreams” its original meaning through innovative and solid lines of action:

VITALISE line: Helping young people from SOS Children’s Villages to achieve their personal and professional dreams.