Cordoba celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Historic Center as a World Heritage Site

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Suggestive and mysterious Cordoba. “Roman and Moorish, silent Cordoba,” as the Andalusian poet Manuel Machado said. There is no one who walks through its streets and is not captivated by its beauty. Its scent of orange blossom on spring nights, the murmur of water from its fountains… Some say that the word Cordoba is already a talisman in itself because of the magic it exudes.

The city of Cordoba was founded around 169 B.C. by the Roman General Marcus Claudius Marcellus on the banks of the Guadalquivir River. On December 17th, it will be 30 years since UNESCO declared the Historic Center of Cordoba a World Heritage Site, and the City Council is already preparing the celebration with an attractive program of activities in the months of March and December. You can’t miss it!

All of them aim to create a special connection between visitors and the people of Cordoba. A certain complicity in which everyone feels involved.

In addition, this program of activities aims to raise awareness about the need to value and respect the cultural heritage that we have inherited and have the great privilege to enjoy.

The program includes a wide range of activities that will allow both young and old to discover all the charms of the city.

Among them, we can highlight: archaeology workshops; dance performances in heritage sites of the Historic Center of Cordoba, the art market; traveling exhibitions; wine and heritage pairing tastings; guided tours of the Mosque; visits to historic courtyards or concerts.

Painting enthusiasts can capture the beauties of the city in the activity called “Sketches of Cordoba,” and for photography lovers, they have created “Selfies with Art,” street images that blend history and modernity.

Furthermore, Cordoba consolidates and positions itself strongly as a reference gastronomic destination. With two Michelin-starred restaurants: Choco* and Noor***. As well as the Arbequina Restaurant at the Hospes Palacio del Bailío Hotel, with special recognition once again in the prestigious guide.

Undoubtedly, Cordoba is a city to come and enjoy throughout the year.

Marta Aguilar Benavides

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