23 years of Hospes: spa, dining and hotel

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The combination of hotel, fine dining and spa was uncommon in Spain during the 20th century. The year 2000 was symbolic and came with a lot of uncertainty. Fortunately, the anticipated collapse of the global IT network did not occur. One week before a total lunar eclipse was visible across the entire US for more than an hour, Hospes saw the light.

The Hospes chain was born

On the 13th of January 2000, a project intended to provide experiential satisfaction commenced. The opening of the hotel Las Casas del Rey de Baeza, in Seville, was the start of an adventure shaped by a dream. It took place on a symbolic date: just a few days after the final Christmas celebrations of the second millennium. Do you remember what you were doing?

Hospes means “guest”. This word is, without a doubt, the essence of our work. This term encompasses concepts such as rest, relaxation, regeneration and hospitality. That is why we chose this name, because it perfectly represents the outstanding philosophy for hotel management in Spain.

True to these principles, our aim today is still to continue delivering personalised holiday experiences. We choose unique architectural spaces with character, in prime locations of charming cities. We furnish them with elegance, precision, and maximum comfort. Our goal is to convert them into havens for relaxing, disconnecting, and enjoying maximum comfort.

The concept of hotels with spas includes a bonus service, in addition to dining, quality and exclusivity for the most selective guests. We provide exactly what you’re looking for.

Nine hotels in 23 years

We currently have nine hotels spread across the most beautiful cities in Spain. Andalusia, the Levant, the Balearic Islands and central Spain are among their locations.

Here is a list of all of the properties in our chain and their opening dates:

A human-centred approach

Quality materials are all very well, but they’re not enough when you’re striving for excellence. Therefore, over the years, we have implemented a meticulous talent selection and retention policy.

Our professionals are open-minded, hard-working and committed. These honest, driven and customer-focused people embody our unique core value on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to their efforts, we have spent twenty-three years converting our hotel project into a reality.

Recognition for a successful history of spas, fine dining and hotels

Over the course of our chains’ history, we have been awarded more than fifty prizes, honours, and certificates. That’s at least two per year! We see this recognition as an acknowledgement of our hard work. Therefore, this motivates us to work harder and continue providing the exquisite service that our customers deserve.

The Maricel & Spa hotel in the Balearic Islands was our first international achievement. It was awarded Best Breakfast in the World in 2004 at the Madrid Fusion 2004, II International Gastronomy Summit.

From then on, we have had a lot of surprises and positive reviews. In 2005, we were included among the best hotels in the world by Condé Nast Traveler. This well-known British magazine publishes the prestigious Hotels Hot List, in which we are thrilled to have been included.

In addition, we were the only Spanish tourism company to receive a Eurowards prize in the Expansion category.

In the same year (2005), the Maricel also gave us a wonderful surprise. No less than being recognised as the Best Hotel in Europe in the Awards for Excellence given by this British magazine.

The following year, we were nominated among the best hotels in the world with the Palacio de los Patos, which recently opened in Granada.

We won’t bore you by listing all of these awards, but we do wish to share with you the key reasons we have been recognised:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility collaborations.
  • Innovation, design and development in the sector.
  • Tourism quality.
  • Best dining experience.
  • Best hotel chain.
  • Architectural renovation, new facilities and restoration of cultural spaces.
  • Best new restaurant.
  • Wellness area.
  • Gold List CN Traveler.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Pet-friendly establishment.
  • Best suite.
  • Best resort in Europe.

With all of this, it’s clear to us: the greatest sources of satisfaction for everyone working at the Hospes chain is the well-being and loyalty of our guests. Seeing them leave our spa facilities, accommodation and restaurants feeling rejuvenated encourages us to continue working for at least another twenty-three years. Get in touch to enjoy a dream getaway!

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