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Extremadura, an ideal destination for birdwatching

Extremadura is a paradise for birdwatching at any time of year, even in winter. More than 357 species have been recorded, of which just over 100 are wintering birds.

In Extremadura you will find a surprising diversity of habitats and landscapes, more than 50 protected areas, species that you do not see elsewhere and a sector specialised in ornithological tourism that will help you to make the most of your trip.

From Hospes Palacio de Arenales & Spa we wanted to be part of the Birding in Extremadura Club, a privilege as its main objective is to promote the development of birdwatching tourism throughout the Autonomous Community of Extremadura. The Club is made up of a wide variety of members, all focused on creating a community of bird and nature lovers, from nature guides, photography companies, travel agents, interpretation centres and tourist offices to offer you a personalised and quality service.

Get your binoculars and camera ready!

The Autonomous Community of Extremadura is considered to be one of the most important European regions for birds and is therefore one of the most popular destinations for birdwatchers and nature lovers from all over the world, attracted by the possibility of observing birds in natural habitats of great beauty and also enjoying the interesting cultural and historical heritage of Extremadura.

It is undoubtedly a true ornithological paradise, largely due to the excellent state of conservation of its natural habitats, in which Mediterranean vegetation is one of its best examples. The dehesa, the most representative landscape of the region, plays a crucial role in the high diversity of birds, with many species closely associated with this valuable habitat. But, in addition, this territory is home to a wide variety of habitats that make up a complex mosaic.

In Extremadura, up to 357 species of birds have been cited that can be observed throughout the annual cycle (Sergio Mayordomo, Javier Prieta and José Luis Bautista). In addition, due to its privileged latitudinal location, the migratory routes of many species cross the region, finding food and rest during their journeys to their wintering or breeding areas.

It is worth highlighting the importance of Extremadura in the conservation of some of the most endangered bird species in Europe and the habitats in which they live, where a large part of their numbers find refuge. This is the case of such emblematic species as the Iberian imperial eagle, black stork, black vulture, Bonelli’s eagle, Egyptian vulture, lesser kestrel, Montagu’s harrier and great bustard.

Vacaciones Verano Cáceres

To ensure the conservation of the most endangered species and their valuable habitats, the Regional Government of Extremadura has designated 71 Special Protection Areas for Birds (SPAs) in application of the European Directive for the Conservation of Wild Birds (79/409/EEC). This network of SPAs, one of the largest in the Iberian Peninsula, currently represents more than 26% of the region’s territory (around 1,100,000 ha).

Prepair your getaway with Hospes Palacio de Arenales & Spa and Club Birding in Extremadura.

From Hospes Palacio de Arenales we organise the best routes with the best professional ornithologists with the help of the Club Birding Extremadura.

Luxury, nature and Cáceres. We are in the heart of Cáceres nature, surrounded by hundreds of centenary olive trees that give an atmosphere of connection with the rural world, without losing that touch of elegance and luxury that accompanies the former summer residence of Los Golfines.

Combine Nature, Gastronomy and Wellness

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Relax & Wellness
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