Hybrid streaming events in Hospes

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Hospes’ new bet to carry out hybrid streaming events with eLive Events.

The Hospes hotel chain joins eLive Events, the solution of 4foreverything to create online and hybrid events, in order to offer its customers the possibility of hosting streaming events in its exclusive spaces located in 9 national destinations.

The trend in the events sector is clear since digital and hybrid formats must coexist with face-to-face ones. Within the framework of this situation, the collaboration between the Hospes chain and eLive Events arises, the solution for online and hybrid events from 4foreverything, a company specialized in event design and production.

The Hospes chain, with its proposal of offering boutique hotels in unique buildings, has relied on the expertise of 4foreverything‘s eLive Events solutions and its technical production team to launch this project that seeks to respond to those brands that want to combine the advantages of face-to-face events with the benefits of digital events in unique environments.

Thanks to this solution, Hospes offers hybrid events, 100% online or in immersive environments, allowing guests to be present and remotely connecting from different geographical points, being able to connect different venues and rooms with each other. All under strict sanitary control guaranteed by the Safe Tourism Certified seal.

In addition, through the eLive Tech solution, (eLive Events “all in one” platform) these events can be enriched with multiple gamification and networking functionalities, ensuring their engagement.

“Having solutions of this type is a unique opportunity that helps us respond to those clients who seek to continue connecting with their audiences in a safe environment and with the great scope that digital media guarantees. At Hospes we always seek excellence in our services, that is why it was important to have a partner like 4foreverything and its eLive Events solutions as a guarantee for the development of this type of events”, comments Lola Guillena, Commercial Director of the Hospes Chain.

Hybrid Spaces by Hospes is an initiative that will be available in the 9 cities where the chain is present: Madrid, Alicante, Granada, Salamanca, Cáceres, Córdoba, Mallorca, Seville and Valencia. In total, more than 30 rooms with capacities between 15 and 150 pax.


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