Five Senses Experience

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Whenever we travel we seek to live the best experience of the destination we visit. Luckily we have five senses to enjoy the elements that surround us and that are part of these experiences. Keep reading to get a few clues on how to get the most out of each destination by one sense at a time.



So characteristic of our country, taste, flavor and gastronomy had to be the first of the senses to be discovered.

With no doubt, a key city for this is Córdoba, full of flavors, textures and colors where you can find from elaborate menus, to the most classic and delicious tapas. In Hospes Palacio Del Bailío you can discover the best of each style with a “twist” characteristic of Hospes: a Spanish-Japanese gastronomic fusion that will not go unnoticed, making the taste of the stay unforgettable. And you can have it in the restaurant or in the comfort of your room, with a high quality room service.



Certain sounds automatically transport us to places recalling the moments we thought we had forgotten. Or just listening to the silence, to relax the mind and body. In Seville, you can find relaxing sounds like the murmur of a water fountain or the fall of the rain, as well as the happiest ones such as the glasses when toasting, the rumor of the outdoor terraces and flamenco, so typical and native to the city. In Hospes las Casas del Rey de Baeza, you will have a calm stay, since some of our rooms face an internal courtyard, but also in the Hotel you can enjoy the sound of flamenco and the characteristic “taconeo” of the dancers on our flamenco evenings.



Smell is one of the most powerful senses when it comes to remembering an experience, person or moment. The spices, incenses and smells of essential oils are able to realistically replicate our experience for as long as it has passed. Granada is a destination where jasmine grow at ease and a walk through the Albaicín neighborhood during spring, will leave a mark on your memory. In the Bodyna Spa of the Hospes Palacio de los Patos, you can feel that and other scents, which mixed with the sensation of relaxation, will become a new memory in your collection of aromas.



To immerse ourselves in the experiences and be protagonists of it, we not only need to see them, but feel and touch them, appreciating the textures, reliefs and touches. Therefore, a walk on the beach is essential. From the Hospes Amérigo in Alicante, in less than a 10 minutes’ walk you can feel the sand, the Mediterranean water and the sea breeze. A nice way to accumulate memories.



Sometimes there are landscapes that catch us and takes us away from reality. At Hospes Maricel & Spa this is what happens when you go through its reception and find directly with the infinity of the sea at your feet. It is a fantastic location to relax, to celebrate, to photograph or simply to let yourself be carried away in the immensity of its beauty. Without hurry, taking both mental and real photographs of landscapes, of the architecture and colors that surround us. Thus, there are no better landscapes and views than in the island of Mallorca, where the sea and the sky merge into one creating the most spectacular landscapes.


If you are interested and want to get to know some of our wonderful hotels, do not hesitate to book your experience with us. We are sure that you will create countless memories. Contact us by email or phone: (+34) 914 363 478.

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