Hospes Hotels receives the Traveller Review Awards 2022

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Hospes Hotels receives the Traveller Review Awards 2022 distinction in all its hotels.

The Traveller Review Awards 2022 are based on the analysis of real customer reviews, taking as a basis the average satisfaction index obtained by each hotel during the last four years.

Hospes Hoteles stands out as a chain, since 100% of its establishments have obtained this distinction from’s Traveller Review Awards 2022, which not only recognizes its current work, but also acknowledges the quality and service work that Hospes has developed over the last four years.

This recognition rewards hotel establishments with a satisfaction index higher than 8 points, thus acknowledging their exceptional work. In the Hospes Hotels, we work under high quality and customer oriented standards, converting customer´s stays in our establishments in authentic unique experiences.

One of Hospes Hotels differentiative distinction is that they are located in historic buildings and palaces, all of them with privileged locations and enjoy unique interiors, as well as prestigious restaurants and wellness areas, its Bodyna Spa. But this would be nothing without the continuous work of the Hospes team, thanks to whom we have been awarded with this distinction. The clients who have visited us have undoubtedly recognized this work that is carried out with so much enthusiasm in our 9 establishments in Alicante, Cáceres, Córdoba, Granada, Madrid, Mallorca, Salamanca, Seville and Valencia.

These teams, made up of dynamic, open-minded and internationally minded people, have managed to transmit the chain’s philosophy, helping our clients to discover each destination with its own tradition, culture, gastronomy, leisure and to fulfill their travel expectations.


Undoubtedly, this recognition elevates even more the category of the Hospes chain in the Spanish luxury sector.

“The great value of this Boutique Hotel Chain is its human team, who daily transfer to our guests the feeling of care and wellbeing that we carry as a flag, acting as ambassadors of each destination and thus contributing to this experience that the customer lives in all our hotels.” explains with great pride Manuel Olivares, CEO of Hospes Hotels.


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