A spring tour through Alicante, “City of Light”

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Alicante, cradle of the Mediterranean, surrounded by the Costa Blanca enjoys a fantastic weather all year round, but it is in the month of May when it reaches its maximum splendor, an explosion of colors and aromas envelop this fantastic city, the sunsets begin to make you wait to happen calmly, while the sky enjoys a special glow.

Alicante is rich for its varied and very healthy gastronomy, crossing the city centre streets you can enjoy pure and local flavors, if you stay in Hospes Amérigo you can start the tasting in the hotel, in its Tapas Bar or in its Restaurant and continue along the Mayor Street entering the town, enjoying its emblematic streets, churches, parks, ficus centenaries in the Canalejas Park and a festive atmosphere that will flood you.

If you choose to walk to the opposite side from the main exit of Hotel Hospes Amérigo, from Rafael Altamira Street, you will enter directly on the seafront and you will be able to enjoy the many Restaurants of the Port, or take a delicious walk along the Postiguet Beach, located in the heart of the city, at the foot of the Santa Bárbara Castle and next to the famous Paseo de la Explanada. The cozy Postiguet beach is ideal for a walk, sunbathing in the hammocks and of course, enjoy a swim.

Along the beach and next to it you have the Paseo de Gómiz, characterized by its numerous palm trees and the curious arrangement of the floor slabs that give it an effect in three dimensions. There you can sit in front of the sea to have a drink in the cafeterias and just let the time pass.

To finish the tour it is essential to go to the Amérigo Terrace, since its views of the Santa Bárbara Castle will definitely surprise you, here you can taste an author’s cocktail, a local wine or a refreshing beer, since this environment will do the rest to make you feel this city a magical place.

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