Hospes has increased its operating result for the third consecutive year

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Hospes has increased its operating income for the third consecutive year, surpassing 10.5 million euros and achieving a 6% increase in the average price, in addition to a 14% growth in RevPar over the previous year.

February 2017: The results of the last exercise, for another year, are very good to the 9 hotels of Hospes Hotels Boutique, higher than in 2015, which already increased its operating result by 14% and by 2016 increased by 18%, which means an operating profit of more than 10 million euros, on sales of more than 30 million euros.

It is also significant that the operating margin on sales for the second consecutive year reaches 35%.

In line with the above figures, the average price of Hospes Chain Hotels has been increased by a 6%, which together with the 7% of 2015 certify the quality of the service offered by Hospes. Also noteworthy is the increase of RevPar of 14% compared to the previous year.

Hospes stills bets for this new way of travel, creating experiences that give a given value to these journeys. It still develops the Program of Experiences in the Destine, in which the client can select other complementary services to live a “Hospes Experience”. Also, it continues the innovation, in the Gastronomic places, with the continuous evolution of out Chefs, that offer the best quality in products of the market with amazing elaborations.

The last year, it has been developed a totally free personalized app for Hospes, designed to be used from the moment of the preparation of the travel and during the stay, it allows our guests to enjoy the attractive of the destination and the services of the hotel, with an ever easier way and from any devices, a telephone or a Tablet.

Hospes is also betting for increasing the number of the destinations in the catalogue and to continue with the program of improvements of the hotels.

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