Hospes Hotels reaffirms its Social commitment with annual contribution to Aldeas Infantiles

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Madrid, June 3, 2024 – Hospes Hotels, a renowned chain of luxury boutique hotels in Spain and Portugal, proudly announces its continued collaboration with Aldeas Infantiles through its annual contribution aimed at supporting the organization’s mission to benefit children and families in vulnerable situations. This contribution results from the donation of 1€ for every reservation made through their official website.

A Sustained Commitment

Since the beginning of our collaboration with Aldeas Infantiles in 2005, Hospes Hotels has maintained a strong commitment to improving the living conditions of children in need, reaffirming our goal to contribute to the comprehensive development of children and youth.

Support for Educational and Integration Programs

The donation from Hospes Hotels will primarily be used to fund educational and social integration programs carried out by Aldeas Infantiles in various Spanish locations. These programs include:

  • Education and Vocational Training: Projects designed to provide children and young people with the necessary tools to reach their full academic and professional potential.
  • Psychosocial Support: Counseling and emotional support services to ensure the overall well-being of all participants in the organization’s programs.
  • Family Strengthening: Initiatives aimed at maintaining family unity and preventing the separation of children from their biological families.

Manuel Olivares, CEO of Hospes Hotels, stated: “At Hospes Hotels, we firmly believe in corporate social responsibility as a fundamental pillar of our identity. Our collaboration with Aldeas Infantiles not only reflects our values but also allows us to contribute significantly to the well-being of our society.”

In turn, Lucía Sánchez, Head of Corporate Partnerships and CSR at Aldeas Infantiles, commented: “The support of committed partners like Hospes Hotels is crucial for us to continue our work. This generous contribution allows us to keep developing programs that make a real difference in the lives of many children and families.”

About Hospes Hotels

Hospes Hotels is luxury boutique hotels chain  known for its dedication to offering unique and personalized experiences in the most iconic destinations in Spain and Portugal. With a firm commitment to excellence and social responsibility, Hospes Hotels continues to make a difference in both the hotel sector and the community.

About Aldeas Infantiles

Aldeas Infantiles has been present in Spain since 1967. It is part of an International Federation founded in Austria in 1949, with a presence in 138 countries (SOS Children’s Villages). In 2016, it was awarded the Princess of Asturias Award for Concord. Its mission is to care for children and young people in vulnerable situations, promoting their development and autonomy through care in protective family environments and the strengthening of their family, social, and community networks. It works to strengthen vulnerable families so they can adequately care for their children; protects children who have been deprived of parental care, providing them with a protective family environment where they can grow up feeling loved and respected; and accompanies young people in their maturation and independence process.

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