Hospes Maricel & Spa Revolutionizes its Rooms with the New Beauty Room Service in Collaboration with UNICSKIN

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Hospes Maricel & Spa, recognized for its commitment to excellence in customer service and innovation in the hospitality industry, announces the launch of its exciting new offering: the Beauty Room service in collaboration with UNICSKIN.

UNICSKIN has focused all its knowledge and research on creating effective products for self-treatments. Its founder, Mónica Sada, left her job at a bank in New York to start her own beauty brand in 2017, aiming to solve numerous skin problems.

From the beginning, she was clear: 21st-century women and men do not always have the time to visit centers that take care of their skin. Thus, she created a brand that combines both worlds, with 0% invasive technology and luxury dermocosmetics. After meeting with more than 35 laboratories in Spain and 15 technology factories in Asia, she achieved her goal: creating the first beauty brand that conveniently brings a natural and sustainable aesthetic center to every home with 100% effective results.

This new service, which guests staying at Hospes Maricel & Spa can now enjoy from the comfort of their room, has been designed to elevate the lodging experience to new heights of luxury and comfort, allowing guests to enjoy an exclusive space dedicated to personal care and beauty. Equipped with a selection of UNICSKIN`S high-quality products and the latest skincare technologies, which they can receive instantly in their room, Hospes Maricel & Spa’s rooms are transformed into true beauty sanctuaries.

The Beauty Room Service at Hospes Maricel & Spa offers a wide range of facial and techno-beauty treatments, tailored to the individual needs of each guest. Since the Wellness area team will advise clients upon request to achieve revitalizing facial treatments, our beauty experts are focused on providing rejuvenating and unique advice that will make guests feel renewed and revitalized, and allow them to continue their treatment from home. Additionally, guests will find practical guides to complete these rituals.

“At Hospes Maricel & Spa, we take pride in offering our guests exceptional lodging experiences that go beyond their expectations,” says Javier Hierro, Hotel Director. “We are delighted to have UNICSKIN on board to take our Beauty Room service to a completely new level, giving our guests the opportunity to enjoy top-notch beauty treatments in the privacy and comfort of their own rooms.”

With the launch of its Beauty Room service, Hospes Maricel & Spa reaffirms its commitment to offering unique and memorable experiences that enrich and continually surprise guests.



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