Hospes Palacio del Bailío in their 10th anniversary

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Ten years creating experiences, in a magical enviroment, full of history and relaxing sensations

The 28 of March of 2007 open the doors the Hotel Hospes Palacio del Bailío, located on a Domus century I D.C., building cataloged BIC since 1982.

It was born in that moment, in a new concept of a luxury hotel boutique, the first of 5 stars in the city of Córdoba, in which the opening has been awarded with numerous prizes, one of them “Best City Hotel in Spain”, for the prestigious tourism magazine Conde Nast or “Hotel Awards 2017”.

The first contribution that made Hospes to Córdoba was the exquisite recuperation of the Domus Romano and the Palace of Bailío. Clients situated in the best hotels of the word, congratulate us for the big labor of getting back the cultural heritage, being made in our Hotel.

In every corner, the guests can enjoy the fresh of the centuries XVIII and XIX, of the Mudéjar Salon inspired in the Chapel of Mirhab of the Mesquite, visiting the Roman House, balconies with shields of the family Fernández de Córdoba.

The fragrance that you can breathe in the magic and the spell of our gardens that even are creating school for other Hotels of Hospes, every corner hides a treasure.

The simplicity of the front of the Hotel leaves overwhelmed the costumers that never would have imaged the beautiful inside that these hide. In the hotel you can find beauty of the neighborhood of Bailío, where the guests can be found with jewelry like the Cuesta del Bailío, Cristo de los Faroles, Chapel of Santa Marina and the Palace of Viana.

Besides the differentiation of the exquisite architectonic beauty and decorative, the Hospes Hotel Palacio del Bailío knows how to attract a tourist with all the acquisitive power “slow tourism” that searches to find the hotel, through their comfortable and singular stays (three bedrooms with original fresh).

Another one of their attractive is their type of kitchen of the vanguard selected and elaborated for one of the chefs of the moment, Javier Moreno. Our hotel offers a long menu, inspired in the local roots where you may taste five gastronomic different spaces: Arbequina Restaurant, Patio Romano, Bar Lounge, Patio de los Faroles and Patio de los Naranjos.

Hospes Palacio del Bailío is the only hotel in the city that has a Spa, a corner of wellness. Bodyna Spa is a universe of natural elements for the relaxation and the awakening of all the senses, techniques based in Ancient Indian rituals, hot oils and aromas of tropical flowers. Our guest will also want to explore all the beauty of the city and the province of Córdoba.

The regular stay is plus than two days, but in occasions and due to the attractive that this place has, sometimes it may be longer than fifteen days. The hotel is nourished of the most exigent customers find in prestige channels like the selected club of agencies Virtuoso, the hotel seal Design Hotels and multiple agencies “tailor made”, becoming these hotels in a destination itself, many of the costumers that come to Córdoba are attracted to feel an experience in the palace.

The comeback to the city is important, as its workforce is supplied by local companies. The hotel has become in energizer and impeller of work in the city. The comeback is not only economical, the hotel is a privileged enclave to train future professionals of the tourism, maintains different agreements with universities of Córdoba, Institutes Secondary Education and centers of education or incorporation labor. Visits to the hotel are varied, from archaeologists, gardeners, graphic designers, student’s tourism or hospitality, etc.

There is so much to see! Not only work and formation, Hospes Hotels could not only be in another way, it also participates with national ONGs such as Aldeas Infantiles or Ojos del Mundo, donating 1 € for each reservation through the website Hospes Hotels.

It also collaborates with local projects through the Encuentro en la Calle and Red Cross, hiring people that allow them their social reinsertion. In the same way, we also collaborate with cultural projects like “Apadrina un Monumento” in which they work for the recuperation of monuments of the city: Averroes, Cristo Faroles or Séneca. Hospes Palacio del Bailío fights every day to have a place between the best hotels.

It has been 10 years and the hotel hasn’t lost a bit of the initial charming, plus, it has gained beauty, it knows how to transmit and share the city with every single one of their exits. It still is a privileged space for a customer, but at the same time, open for the people of Córdoba.

The city feels proud of our Hotel, and wishes to be a part of this project. There are a lot of enterprises who dreams about working and collaborating with our hotel and belonging to this big Hospes experience.


Ramírez de las Casas Deza 10-12 | 14001 Córdoba T (+34) 957 498 993 |

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