Miguel Aloy, of Hospes Maricel & Spa, finalist of “Excellence Project”

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Miguel Aloy, of Hospes Maricel & Spa, finalist of the  del COMPETITION OF MIXOLOGY “Excellence Project”, the art of liquid gastronomy

Teh final will be held in Madrid this 6th of March in the Neptuno Palace. The final of The Excellence Project will count with an exceptional jury, made by Diego Guerrero -chef of DSTAge with two recent Michelin Stars-, Agostino Perrone– considered one of the best bartenders of the world- and Trendy Taste -famous fashion bloguers and of the influencers of the moment-. Mixology means ‘cocktails’ The Excellence Project gets us close to the art of liquid gastronomy. Thanks to this project, the cocktail menu from the most sophisticated bars internationally will be close to Hollywood movies and around the halo of glamours that makes it look unreachable. It thus becomes a new leisure trend that is gaining more and more followers. The quality of the creations presented for The Excellence Project is an evident proof that hight end cocktails is a reality in Spain that goes further the biggest urbes. The Excellence Project has shown that the premium palate can be acquired if what you drink is also. In this national contest of mixology have participated 140 premises and 30 schools of hospitality has failed two representatives from Palma de Mallorca for the  27th of January 2017.- The Excellence Project presents the 16 cocktails and 16 finalist schools that will fight for the first place next March 6 in a great event organized in Madrid. We are talking about a short list resulting from the 140 participating locations and the 30 catering schools that have chosen to be the holders of excellence within the world of mixology. Excellence is a virtue, a talent that has been reflected in the creations of The Excellence Project. The jury, formed by the public of the premises in which they could taste these creations, has had it very complicated. The Excellence Project has had the privilege of seeing how the level in crescendo as the proposals were received and, thanks to this, there have been more than 4,000 people who have been involved. Whoever has had the opportunity to try them has voted taking into account parameters such as originality in the choice of ingredients; innovative combinations; its surprising character in the tasting and respect for the tasting notes of the spirit employee. Palma de Mallorca will be present in this final in Hotel Hospes Maricel & Spa, from Calviá, thanks to the votes of the people from Mallorca that assisted and tried their cocktail A piece of Scotland of Miguel Aloy, elevated to the penultimate step of the highest of the mixology. The winning cocktail will be the result of the joint work between the professional bartenders and the young finalists. An unbeatable opportunity to overcome the limits of high mixology and unite the knowledge of experts with the freshness of ideas of students. In this case, the Majorcan finalist School of Hospitality Frai Juniper Serra UIB  faced, among others, the flavors of the Basque Culinary Center of San Sebastián, one of the best in Spain.

Hospes Maricel & Spa

Ctra d’Andratx 11 | Cas Català (Calvià) – 07181 Mallorca Reservas: (+34) 971 707 744 |

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