Once again, Hospes Hotels makes its annual contribution to Aldeas Infantiles SOS.

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Once again, Hospes Hotels makes its annual contribution to Aldeas Infantiles SOS

In the incomparable setting of the Puerta de Alcalá, where one of the chain’s hotels is located, the meeting between Aldeas Infantiles and Hospes Hotels Group took place.

Madrid, June 6th, 2023. It has been 23 years collaborating with this beautiful and necessary project that Aldeas Infantiles has been developing since 1949, its motto as simple as difficult to fulfill “No child is born to grow up alone”, is the cornerstone of this fantastic project that has already served a total of 1,250 adolescent boys and girls in the Protection Programs, 10,381 children and young people in the Prevention Program and 1,273 young people in the Youth Program.

Their work is based on protecting children, strengthening families in risk and accompanying young people, three fundamental lines for our society and that Hospes wants to support by donating 1 € of all bookings made through the website

This project is part of our Dreams Project, reflecting the authentic essence of the chain, framed in a dreamlike Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, since it makes us dream and help others to dream.

For Hospes ” Dulces sueños ” (Sweet dreams) means exquisite realities”, as stated by its CEO, Manuel Olivares, when he handed over the donation to Lucia Sánchez, Head of Corporate Alliances and CSR, and Adriana Ruiz from the same department of Aldeas Infantiles.

Since the birth of the Hospes chain in January 2000 with the Las Casas del Rey de Baeza in Seville, our mission has been clear and unequivocal: to improve the lives of our clients and make their dreams of disconnection, wellbeing and enjoyment come true, in our avant-garde spaces, with all the luxury and comfort necessary to make each stay at Hospes an authentic experience that has the capacity to enrich.

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