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Salamanca | Gastronomic experiences

By | 7 April, 2022 | 0 comments

We present 3 unique gastronomic experiences in our restaurant El Monje in Salamanca. Choose your menu and enjoy an exclusive atmosphere with the best gastronomy in the area.

Tradition Menu

Traditional food is not incompatible with excellence. Enjoy the most traditional ingredients of Salamanca’s cuisine, carefully selected by the chef and prepared following traditional recipes with a meticulous presentation.

It consists of a starter, a main course, a main course, a dessert and wine. You can enjoy it every day at lunch and dinner times.


Tasting menu

For those who want to discover new taste sensations. Carefully selected dishes for the most demanding palates: discover this unique experience!

It consists of two starters, a fish dish, a meat dish and dessert. You can enjoy it every day at lunch and dinner times.


Executive menu

The menu for every day with a unique concept! Come to our restaurant El Monje and try our complete haute cuisine menu in the heart of Salamanca.

It consists of a chef’s appetizer, a main course, a second course, dessert, coffee and drink. You can enjoy it from Monday to Friday during lunchtime.



The best plan for Sunday! Brunch with drinks and sweet and savoury dishes for those who can’t resist at lunchtime.

Enjoy it every Sunday from 12 to 14h.


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