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Sustainability at Hospes: Caring for the Planet and Our Guests

At Hospes, we are committed to the well-being of both the planet and our valued guests. These are immensely important issues for the well-being of both the planet and society, and thus, they hold a special place in our priorities.

Would you like to know more about how Hospes addresses each of these topics in terms of practical tips or how we promote responsible and sustainable behaviors related to them?

Because at Hospes, we don’t want to waste food…

We focus on proper storage, preserving food correctly to extend its shelf life. We share and donate excess food when available.

We practice composting with food scraps, as they can be turned into compost to fertilize plants. Composting is an excellent way to reduce waste.

Education and Awareness are vital as well. If the entire team is informed and trained on the issue of food waste, and tips on how to reduce it are shared across all our locations, every small action contributes to reducing food waste and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Protecting Childhood

We collaborate with Aldeas Infantiles, donating one euro for every reservation made on our website. This is an excellent way to protect and support childhood. Aldeas Infantiles SOS is a non-profit organization working to provide a safe and stable home for children and young people who have lost parental care.

Culture and Customs of the Destination

Design and Architecture: Our hotels incorporate design elements that reflect the culture and history of their location. From decoration to architecture, we aim to highlight the local identity.

Gastronomy: Hospes restaurants offer traditional and local products, using local ingredients to provide an authentic gastronomic experience.

Cultural Experiences: We encourage our guests to participate in activities and experiences that allow them to immerse themselves in the local culture, whether through guided tours, artistic activities, or special events.

Community Support: We often engage in projects benefiting the local community, whether through educational, environmental, or social support programs.

In summary, we seek to integrate into the cultural essence of each destination, offering guests an enriching and authentic experience that reflects local identity and traditions.

Water Conservation

We have installed low-consumption devices in faucets, showers, and low-flow toilets to reduce water usage without compromising guest comfort.

Water reuse is implemented through systems to collect and reuse water, such as collecting rainwater for garden irrigation or using greywater recycling systems for non-potable uses.

Our laundry programs are efficient, thanks to the use of high-efficiency equipment and practices that minimize water usage. This includes washing towels and sheets as needed for each guest, as well as using short wash cycles.

Education and awareness: We inform our guests about the importance of water conservation and offer them the opportunity to actively participate, for example, by reusing towels and sheets if a change is not necessary for them.

Infrastructure maintenance: We ensure that pipes are in perfect condition and perform regular maintenance to prevent water wastage due to leaks.

Zero Plastics

At Hospes, we do not use any single-use plastic items. Our bathroom amenities are made of aluminum, and gel and shampoo formats are dispensed in dispensers to contribute to this practice. We have no items that require plastic preservation, significantly contributing to the reduction of environmental pollution.

Energy Optimization

Efficient Lighting: We use low-consumption LED bulbs, motion sensors, and intelligent lighting systems to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Efficient HVAC Systems: We keep heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment properly calibrated, clean, and updated, reducing energy consumption.

Good Insulation and Efficient Windows: We maintain good insulation and use efficient windows that reduce heat loss in winter and heat entry in summer, decreasing the need for heating or cooling.

Smart Energy Management: We use energy management systems to monitor and control energy usage throughout the hotel, optimizing efficiency.

Efficient Appliances and Equipment: We opt for appliances and equipment with energy efficiency certification, reducing energy consumption in areas such as the kitchen or laundry.


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