Winter Gastronomy in Granada

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Granada is a luxury in every sense, but in this season it also offers a cuisine that is very suitable for temperatures and that allows you to live a culinary experience. Its cuisine with great Arab heritage, generous in spices, rich in soups and stews and especially sweet is very appropriate for this cold season, where our body needs this type of stews that help us to better carry these temperatures and make us enjoy the pleasure of gastronomy.

That is why in the Los Patos Restaurant the Days of Granada’s stews will be held throughout the week. Enjoy from January 14th to 18th special dishes for only € 35, only available at lunch.

To start this winter menu we will taste a typical Granada-style remojón with a salmorejo tear, this dish is typical in the Lecrín Valley, especially in the towns of Albuñuelas, Pinos del Valle, Melegís, Restábal, Saleres, Acequias, Béznar, Chite, Mondújar, Talará , Niñuelas and Padul. With the variants in Durcal of soaking of sour oranges and potatoes, and in Conchar of orange and dry tomatoes.

After this entry that prepares the palate to taste and depending on the day of the week we can taste on Monday a tripe with chickpeas, on Tuesday a typical mountain stew, on Wednesday a tasty chickpeas with hands, on Thursday our bean stew with spinach and lastly, on Friday some chickpeas with cod.

For dessert, a typical sweet has also been selected, such as anise and coffee porridge

If you want to check, make your reservation now at T: (+34) 958 535 790 or

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A whole plan to combat the cold.

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