Memory is your sixth sense

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Being part of something which feeds people’s emotions and activates their five senses is something amazing. Memories are born from that magical moment. Being part of such a unique moment goes beyond the 5* stars…It’s called the sixth sense.

Welcome to this infinite experience!

Today is the day to give yourself a treat: taking care of yourself. You´re in Alicante and you have the entire day to relax and enjoy. It’s been a while since you´ve been waiting to get to know Hotel Hospes Amérigo. Why waiting any longer? Today is just the perfect day.

The hotel is located in the heart of the historic center of Alicante. One becomes amazed with the Amérigo passage, which joins two of the most centric streets of the city. This place is distinguishly unique.

Your wish for today is achieving peace of mind, so your election is relaxation and wellness with Bodyna Spa. Hospes Amérigo is perfect for the occasion. It counts with treatment cabins, sauna and swimming pool on the rooftop. The impressive views from the solarium terrace of one of the most emblematic monuments of Alicante, the Santa Barbara Castille, will surely improve enjoying your moment of relaxation and disconnection.

After your long relaxation session, you begin to feel hungry. That´s no problem, there´s no need to go to another place in order to enjoy quality gastronomy, because the hotel counts with a wide range of culinary offer. You’ve been wanting to try the Restaurant Fondillón for some time now, a sophisticated place where you can taste market products with avant-garde preparations. Their dishes stands out for the combination of Mediterranean style, flavors which transport you to the sea and flavors of Alicante’s local vegetables garden. Excellent elaboration, presentation and service. All accompanied by an attractive pairing with local wines which enhance the pleasure of tasting delicious dishes.

It has certainly been a very special day. Focusing on what really matters: wellness. And suddenly, when you thought it couldn´t go better…surprise! Live music! A Flamenco band in the middle of that beautiful passage to liven up an unforgettable evening with the best Spanish music. There are no words to describe its beauty and the special atmosphere it has created. And this is not the only day with live music, there is also live jazz on Sundays at Brunch Amérigo. Quality leisure alternatives in the city center of Alicante.

The spectacular music, the lighting of the place, the candles and flowers decorating the tables, the quality of the gastronomic offer, the friendliness of the staff… Everything fused together creates an enveloping atmosphere, a unique moment which you will never want to end. And it won’t. It will remain in your memory forever, as an infinite experience, like your sixth sense.

“When something awakens your five senses, a sixth sense is born: memory”

Welcome to Hospes Amérigo!

Patricia Menárguez PPRR of Hospes Amérigo

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