Why should you take more regularly a sauna?

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The sauna is especifically beneficial for stress, rheumatic pains, detoxification, improving blood circulation and night rest. It is indicated for strengthening the body, improving small muscle injuries, contractures, myofibrosis, spinal pains, lumbago and dorsalgia. 

Not everybody is conscious of how beneficial saunas are for our bodies. These steam or sweat baths which are performed in an enclosure at a very high temperature help release toxins and activate our blood circulation. It is very beneficial for the respiratory system (pharyngitis and bronchitis) especially for smokers and people with expectoration problems, recommended in cases of bronchial syndrome and improvement of menopausal disorders. We can obtain a deep skin cleansing, practically without soap, thanks to the sauna. The perspiration produced opens up all our pores and eliminates toxins and bacteria.

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If you want to achieve superior benefits with the Sauna our recommendation is to carry out a procedure of two phases, heating and cooling.

Warm-up phase

In the heating phase, the body temperature rises to almost 40°C, causing a very strong sweating and opening of the pores.

Cooling phase

There is an abrupt change of temperature in the cooling phase. This high contrast causes a positive alteration in our blood system and provides a recovery of our normal human body temperature.

The benefits of this phase are the following:

  • Blood oxygen saturation
  • Psychic stimulation
  • Contraction of the blood vessels, in contrast to the dilation of the heat phase
  • Normalization of body temperature


The therapeutic benefits of the sauna cause the heart to speed up its rhythm to bring more blood to the skin in order to cool it, thus stimulating circulation. Sweating is forced as a response to heat, and with our sweat we will eliminate existing toxins. Heat relieves body pain and arthritis and relaxes our muscles. It is very normal to combine the sauna session with a massage, perfect allies for recovering after a hard day of exercise or for treating arthritis or rheumatism.









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