CORDOBA | 5 places to see and go in Córdoba: A getaway in autumn

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If you want to enjoy Spanish, Islamic and Roman architecture in one city, Córdoba is your place to go. Autumn is the perfect time to do it since its temperature allows you to enjoy pleasant walks and check all the visits that you feel as essential. In this post, we give you the 5 key places to see and go in the city (and some more tips …)

Que ver y hacer cordoba

1.Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba

Surely you already know the Mosque- Cathedral of Córdoba, if not, this is a big reason to find time in your agenda to do so, but if you have it visited before, our recommendation is to visit it during the night in a Private Night Tour. It is without doubt a different and surprising face of the mosque that will transport you through the history that enclose its walls.

2. Jewish Quarter

During the day you can take start off in the Cardinal Salazar square and discover the history of the Jewish quarter. Try visiting the chapel of St. Bartholomew and an ancient synagogue converted into an Arab-style chapel. Then go to the souk, a building reminiscent of the eighteenth century in the style of an Arab bazaar or a typical market of Cordoba crafts.

3. Cordoba Synagogue

Another must see and go in the cuty, is to visit the synagogue of Cordoba, from the 14th century, built in medieval times. Discover what life was like in the city in the Andalusí House of the 12th century. Explore the Jewish quarter and learn more about Al-Andalus and Cordoba.

Enter the baths of Dona Leonor from the Arab palace before touring the interior of the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos.

4. Catholic Monarchs

Observe the official residence of the Catholic Monarchs and listen to their many secrets. Enjoy the stunning views of the city and its magical gardens

5. Hotel Hospes Palacio del Bailío

If you want to continue your experience and feel in an authentic Oasis in the center of Córdoba, we suggest you stay at Hospes Palacio del Bailío, a palace house with centuries of history, Well of Cultural Interest, with vestiges of an impressive Roman villa from the 1st century A.D. under its restaurant. You can enjoy them on a guided and private tour and admire them from breakfast, lunch or dinner, since its fantastic glass floor reveals its unique beauty. In addition, it is the only hotel with interior Roman baths, which you can enjoy, since with the stay you will have an hour of Spa to relax in them, it also has an outdoor pool located in an environment of fruit trees and aromatic plants. A luxury to discover and enjoy Córdoba and its history.

Extra: Cordoba’s Gastronomy 

Finally, something delicious in this city is its local Gastronomy, in which we find the trace of history, the influence of Andalusian cuisine with its stews with olive oil, vinegar, breadcrumbs, garlic, parsley, saffron, etc. As well as the typical Andalusian cuisine with its gazpachos, the salmorejo cordobés, the oxtail, etc. All this has given rise to “Tapas”, a very typical way to enjoy the city and to try all these dishes in smaller quantities.

If you decide on a Gastronomic getaway, in Hospes Palacio del Bailío they have what you are looking for, “Taste Discoveries”.

Córdoba has many experiences to see and go, so don’t hesitate to meet them all. Feel free to contact us, both by e-mail and by phone, to make your visit even more special. 

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