Arbequina inaugurates its new gastronomic proposal for this summer

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Surprise through the palate…

The Restaurant Arbequina of Hospes Palacio de Bailío has premiered its summer proposal, with a selection of delights developed by its Cordoban chef, Javier Moreno and in collaboration with his kitchen team.

The offer of this season has been separated into a gastronomic outlet with two tasting menus that can be taken in the Arbequina Restaurant at night; a more traditional menu offered in the Patio de Faroles or in the Arbequina Restaurant throughout the day; and finally an offer focused on the pool, lighter and more fun that will be available during the day, in the Patio de los Naranjos.

“As always we wanted to continue with a philosophy of cuisine based on avant-garde products and techniques that enhance flavors, products and textures, from the most basic to the most unknown to educate in a certain way, curious palates,” says Moreno.

Menú Nara Hospes Palacio del BailíoAmong the new dishes, we can find from bluefin tuna blunder from Barbate to abalone percebeiro, in fish. In meats from ripened beef, Iberian cuts and meats with denominations such as Segureño and Segovia suckling pig.

The gastronomic restaurant consists of two tasting menus: Nara and Osaka, names that have been fixed taking into account the symbolism of each of these cities.

The Nara menu is sentimental, sensitive and strong in character. It consists of eight passes, where we will make a small trip through Japan, India, Mexico and Thailand.

The Osaka menu transmits energy and creativity. Dynamic, intuitive and innovative. It will take us for twelve passes to a route through different parts of Southeast Asia with local products.

Nueva carta en Córdoba


“Together we have tried a trip through the most representative street food of our own experiences, trying to share feelings and emotions with everyone who wants to come and have a fun and very enriching” says Javier Moreno.

In addition, our restaurant offers musical evenings that enliven the summer nights. The client can find jazz, classical music or the new proposal of Aromatic Menu Dejavu Brands, a surprising proposal for this summer, you can enjoy on June 28, 29 and 30, and take as a base Bergamot, Lemon, Orange , the Cinnamon and the Vanilla, to discover in its last dish the Soul of Palacio del Bailío….


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