Does Spain have Caviar production?

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Does Spain have Caviar production?

In Spain, Riofrío produces one of the best Caviars in the world.

Riofrío is a town and Spanish hamlet belonging to the municipality of Loja, in the province of Granada, autonomous community of Andalusia. It is located in the western part of the Loja region and constitutes an important tourist enclave, due not only to the corner in which it sits, but also for its important trout and sturgeon farm.

Caviar is extracted from sturgeons that live in cold and temperate waters, only in the northern hemisphere, with almost all sturgeon species threatened or critically endangered. Some species are anadromous, living in the sea where they grow and go up rivers to spawn at the time of reproduction, while others spend their entire lives in fresh water.

Caviar Proccess

Of the twenty-five existing varieties of sturgeon, three of them can be caught in the Caspian Sea: 1 beluga, sevruga and Russian sturgeon or osiotr (their caviar is called osetrá, that is, genitive in Russian osiotr).

But all the caviar that is consumed in the world comes from fish farms and comes from about eight varieties of sturgeon. In Spain the most common is Acipenser naccarii, the Adriatic sturgeon, which until the 70s lived in the wild in the Guadalquivir. Even Cervantes describes the strong taste of ‘cabial’ in the mouth of Don Quixote.

Caviar Riofrío

Riofrío was the first company in the world to achieve ecological certification throughout the breeding and production process. And there you can know first hand the union of time, effort, tradition, technique and research can give great fruits. The Acipenser naccarii or Adriatic sturgeon, is an almost extinct species that in Ríofrío have managed to recover in captivity. With 250 million years old, it is a living fossil, slow growing, whose Caviar (authentic jewel), is extracted after 18 years as a breeding average, is full of nuances in its taste and color.

Its color is usually pearl gray, but it can be produced with different reflections. The freshness of this caviar will make the flavor and nuances not masked by the effect of time, salt and preservative

The taste is rich in nuances, silky and tender touch, serious and elegant palate with a certain aroma of sea breeze. Its long and lasting aftertaste will reveal a light sweet touch that will invite you to continue tasting it.

For all those who want to discover the Caviar Experience, Hospes Palacio de los Patos in Granada, Hospes Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid and Hospes Maricel & Spa in Mallorca have launched an initiative that unites Champagne and Riofrío Caviar.

And that is also available as a gift voucher.

Experiencia del caviar en Hospes Hoteles

The high price of caviar is a reflection of the rarity or scarce availability of sturgeon, but now with experiences of this type it is possible to discover and enjoy this popular product.

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