Arbequina Restaurant presents its spring menu

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The new proposals stand out for their creativity and versatility taking advantage of all kinds of ingredients to achieve their creations

Córdoba, 12 of april of 2016 – With the arrival of summer, the restaurant Arbequina de Hospes Palacio de Bailío is pleased to present the delights of its chef Cordoban, Javier Moreno. “We try to introduce new experiences, new flavors, new textures. We always look for the surprise in both the presentation and the taste. Our goal is to create a disorderly balance, flavors that do not leave anyone indifferent, intercalating power and delicacy, tradition and transgression”, says Moreno.

The new menu is the result of an intense work where the balance between the traditional cooking and the trendsetter is the sign of identity, alongside with a selection of the best products.

Arbequina maintains a traditional letter for the most conservative palates, with little glimpses of transgression. And a letter where the evolution of its cuisine is in continuous development. With which the future of Arbequina is to continue growing, to continue giving to speak, to continue surprising and mainly to follow moved.

In the restaurant Arbequina we find three different proposals of cuisine:

Tapas Menu: Informal and different, dishes that are advised to share, flavors, aromas and products fun and impactantes. Lamb lasagna; Coconut muslin; Pickles and nuts; Chicken wings, among others.

Tradicional Menu: The most subtle version of our kitchen, Turrón de foie velvet cacao; Spicy chocolate; Blackberry sauce and pickled shallots in ponzu or sturgeon with the aroma of cherries; Green soup and water chestnuts.

Gastronomic Menu: In the evening service, where the chef and his team fully develop their way of understanding the cuisine combining traditional and avant-garde techniques, delicate and powerful flavors that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Sample of them we can cite, “Oxtail of bull and eel, rocks of macadamia, ying-yang of cake of the Casar and oysters. Deer pate, truffle rock, bread and chocolate ice cream. Hake of pincho and cocotxa with cream of Iberian and plankton.

In short, it is about offering a fresh cuisine, of product, where the flavors, techniques and local and national products with the flavors and different types of elaborations of Peru, Mexico, Vietnam, Japan and Thailand are intertwined.

Restaurante Arbequina

Ramírez de las Casas Deza 10-12 – 14001 Córdoba
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