La Chaîne Des Rôtisseurs names Chef of the Arbequina Restaurant

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La Chaîne Des Rôtisseurs names Cofrade to Javier Moreno, Chef of the Arbequina Restaurant

Córdoba, 8 of june of 2016.- The Chef from Córdoba Javier Moreno will receive the next 11 of june, the award of the Association La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, an international gastronomic society nonprofit, dedicated to preserving and promoting the traditions of good food, gastronomic culture, friendship and companionship.

Javier Moreno is from 4 years now the Chef of the Arbequina Restaurant, from the Hotel Hospes Palacio del Bailío, considered a Historical Monument and a Property of Cultural Interest since 1982, where it has always demonstrated a great commitment to gastronomy.

The Chef from Córdoba, with solid roots in the world of the gastronomy nationally and internationally, alongside with his team, gives us his vision about the actual cooking, with a fresh air where to create and to excite the diner in each presentation and in every bite is the main objective.

Moreno has had the privilege of working with chefs from 3 * kitchens such as El Bulli and the Roca brothers, among others. Of those who have learned all kinds of techniques and many flavors predominant in these kitchens.

Javier Moreno ensures that its goal is “Try to spread new experiences, new flavors, new textures. We always look for the surprise in both the presentation and the taste. It is about creating a disordered balance, flavors that do not leave anyone indifferent, intercalating power and delicacy, tradition and transgression.

Its gastronomic offer is rooted in natural products where quality comes first, prepared with cutting-edge culinary techniques. It is a matter of creating an experience that can not easily be forgotten, it is not a matter of nurturing but of satisfying the senses.

The Arbequina Restaurant maintains a traditional menu for the most conservative palates, with small signs of transgression. And a letter where the evolution of its cuisine is in continuous development. With which the future of Arbequina is to continue growing, to continue giving to speak, to continue surprising and mainly to follow moved.

Our restaurant is characterized by fresh, product cuisine, where local flavors and products are interwoven with different types of elaborations from Peru, Mexico, Vietnam, Japan and Thailand.

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