Cordoba: The Castle of Almodóvar

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Almodóvar Castle is one of the biggest attractions of the province of Cordoba, which is 22 kilometers from the capital where stands majestically on the town of Almodovar del Rio.

The origins of the fortress dates back to Roman times, but the castle was built by the Arabs in the year 760. However, in 1240, during the reign of Ferdinand III, passed into Christian hands. During the reign of Peter I and Henry II, it was converted into a royal residence.

The castle was of vital importance, as its strategic location, guaranteed the security of Cordoba. Its proximity to the river Guadalquivir allowed to control river traffic at a time when the river was navigable to Córdoba.



This imposing defensive structure, we can highlight two of its nine towers: the Tribute Tower and the School, located one in front of the other. But these are not the only elements that can be seen in the fortress: the courtyard, the walls and even the wells are noteworthy individually.

In short, his visit is like a trip back in time. This castle can be visited every day of the year except December 25 and January 1. On weekends and holidays the schedule is continued, offering different guided or unguided tours.


The price of non-guided visits is 9 € for adults and 5 € for children from 4 to 13 years. They also offer guided tours, school visits, dramatized visits by the Mayordomo del Rey, dramatized visits by the Count of Torralva, cultural visits, VIP visits and visits of Game of Thrones.

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