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Music and dance, gastronomy, colour and lots of joy. Every year, Seville is overflowing with its famous Feria de Abril, the festival of festivals, a week in which the culture of a city unfolds with all its charm.

The Seville April Fair, which brings together thousands of Sevillians in its “casetas”, begins on 30th of April, the night of the “alumbrao”, the inaugural moment when the lights of the fairgrounds are switched on. This is also the night of the traditional “Pescaíto” festival. After a week of constant partying, the Feria ends on the 7th of May with a great fireworks display by the Guadalquivir River.

The famous Feria de Abril has been celebrated for 176 years. The first Feria de Abril was held in 1846 with a meeting of farmers and stockbreeders who were visited by the nobles of the time with their carriages. Since then 176 years have passed, but the essence of the meeting of that first commercial fair has also become one of the most popular social events in Spain.


6 dishes you must try at the fair

The Pescaito frito (fried fish) gives its name to the opening night from Saturday to Sunday where it is customary to eat fried fish such as pijotas, boquerones (anchovies),  and squid.

You cannot visit the Feria de Abril without tasting the “gazpacho” or “caldereta de venado”, the popular ox tail, or the “potaje de vigilia”, a very typical dish during Holy Week.

Not to be missed are portions of good Iberian ham or potato omelettes, prawns from Sanlúcar de Barrameda or from Huelva, as well as the pinchos preserved in vinegar (onions, gherkins, olives).

To finish the fair and on the way home, there is nothing better than some fritters or “churros” with chocolate.

We cannot forget the drinks, which over the years have become typical of the Feria de Abril. Manzanilla and Fino de Jerez come from the province of Cádiz. The former is a dry white wine from Sanlúcar, and the Fino de Jerez is a dry and aromatic wine.


If you have never seen spanish bullfighting, these are key dates to see the best ones. Check out the agenda agenda of the maestranza:

Sunday 24th of April. Oliva Soto, Esaú Fernández, Javier Jiménez, Borja Jiménez, Lama de Góngora and Ángel Jiménez (Virgen María – Santa Ana).
Wednesday 27th of April. José Garrido, Joaquín Galdós and Alfonso Cadaval (Bulls of Santiago Domecq).
Thursday 28th April. El Fandi, Miguel Ángel Perera and Daniel Luque (Bulls from El Parralejo).
Friday 29th April. Morante de la Puebla, Diego Urdiales and José Mª. Manzanares (Jandilla-Vegahermosa bulls).
Saturday 30th of April. Antonio Ferrera, Miguel Ángel Perera and Emilio de Justo (Victorino Martín).
Sunday 1st of May: Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, Lea Vicens and Guillermo H. de Mendoza. (Bulls of San Pelayo – El Capea).
Monday 2nd May. Julián López ‘El Juli’, Roca Rey and Tomás Rufo (Victoriano del Río-Toros de Cortés).
Tuesday 3rd May. Daniel Luque, Álvaro Lorenzo and Ginés Marín (Juan Pedro Domecq-Parladé).
Wednesday 4th May. Julián López ‘El Juli’, José Mª Manzanares and Pablo Aguado (Garcigrande-D. Hernández)
Thursday 5th May. Diego Urdiales, Cayetano and Emilio de Justo. (García Jiménez-Olga Jiménez Brothers)
Friday 6th May. Morante de la Puebla, Juan Ortega and Roca Rey (Núñez del Cuvillo).
Saturday 7th May. Morante de la Puebla, Julián López ‘El Juli’ and Manuel Perera (alternative) (Torrestrella).
Sunday 8th May. Manuel Escribano as the only sword. (Miura)

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