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The hotel is formed by two faced buildings, Palace and Alabastro, united by the gardens of great beauty that have the ability to communicate calm and wellness to their guests and visitors.

The Hotel Hospes Palacio de los Patos shows a suggestive combination of two buildings that are looked with simplicity in a taken care reconversion of a palace of the XIX Century with classical architecture and industrial from Granada. Known as Property of Cultural Interest, and a new building, with a mixture of depths and transparencies, behind a majestic and subtle latticework of alabaster.

They both represent the union between the beauty and the useful and constitute a good example of the recovering of the architectural, historical and cultural heritage, without leaving the most innovative design and the most suggestive comfort.

The palace was built as a suburban villa and access to the interior is done through a hallway that leads to a staircase leading to several rooms and the lobby, the most monumental space of the building. From the magnificent imperial staircase you reach the upper gallery, open and delimited by a set of marble balusters. This area leads to the different rooms and receives the overhead lighting of an octagonal skylight.

The hotel offers harmony of colors, textures, lights and water and a studied staging for the different materials: wood, alabastro, stone and crystal, that are melt to produce pleasurable sensations in the guests, who find a space in which to collect themselves or simply to rest.

In the interior design maintains the multiple details of the original decoration that corresponds to the bourgeois taste in the finals of the XIX Century. We are talking about history that is between neoclassic elements and neomudéjares, like the armor of the base of the reception room or the oriental theme painting of the first floor.

On the outside it has a symmetrical composition. The main facade is preceded by a cast-iron portico on which there is a balcony, and on this, a triangular pediment with a central rosette and decoration of acroteras. The rear façade is composed of a polygonal protruding body and the whole upper floor shows a frieze composed of spans covered with lattices.

In the front area, the garden surrounding the hotel contains palm trees and magnolias that provide a wonderful vegetal curtain, and in it is the fountain with swans that gives name to the palace. Planters and irrigation ditches sprinkle a structure of pergolas with freshness and sound, while a cast iron gate, on a wall of exposed brick and stone, encloses the building.

The Palacio de los Patos has 42 bedrooms that are perfectly decorated. In which you can find the luxury between their spaces, the silence and the light. As a perfect accessory for you to enjoy your stay, the gastronomic restaurant offers a selected cooking based in the natural quality of the local products.

Also, has the most complete mix of services that are for the purpose of the wellness for the client in the Bodyna Spa.

The hotel is situated in a very central place, in the heart of the city, where you can find the shops, and very close to the cathedral, the Royal Chapel, the Jewish quarter and the town hall. In a few minutes walk,we can reach the Albaicín, Sacromonte and Alhambra, the most important architectural monument and symbol of Granada.


Solarillo de Gracia, 1 – 18002 Granada
Reservas: (+34) 958 535 790 |

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  1. Deborah Diebel says:


    Could we ask what dates the pool is open from and to and is it heated? We are looking at late October visit. Thank you

    • marketinghospes says:

      Good Morning,
      The pool is relaxing and indoor and does not close at any time of the year.
      Thank you,

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