International Festival of Flowers in Córdoba, a unique experience

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October 19 – 28 2018

FLORA, International Festival of Flowers, held in the city of Cordoba was born to recognize the work of the best floral artists in the world through these internationally relevant awards. This call aims to encourage and stimulate creativity and originality in the realization of Floral Installations made according to the theme of this edition that is “The Game”. The aim is to combine the traditional Cordovan culture of the courtyards with the contemporary art of floral installations.

FLORA is not a technical festival but an artistic one, so it is not the obligation of the artists to follow specific floral technical rules, and this is where the authentic beauty of this event resides, which together with the magic of the Cordoban courtyards, makes it an event unique and unrepeatable. All the material that will be used is natural, the use of paper, plastic or other materials is not allowed.

In the last edition, 344,000 people visited the 8 Institutional courtyards decorated by 8 of the best artists in the world. In this edition, five floral artists of international scale will have the opportunity to transform the festival’s patios into five fascinating spaces located in buildings representative of Córdoba, institutional courtyards donated by the City Council of Córdoba (Spain) that will establish a wonderful journey through memory, the art, culture and heritage. These ephemeral floral installations can be visited for free only from October 19 to 28.

The selected artists in this edition are Lola Guerrera (Spain), Natalia Zhizhko (Russia), Mark Colle (Belgium), Honghui Yu, Sherlovell (China) and Hideyuki Niwa (Japan).

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Photo courtesy of FLORA and © José Rojas


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