Patricia Dios’ cuisine in autumn

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In Alicante, Hospes Amérigo, Patricia Dios develops two avant-garde but at the same time very much from Alicante of the gastronomy, in Fondillón Barra is based on suggested selections of tapas and in the Fondillón Restaurant with elaborated dishes with innovative techniques that gives the local product a plus with textures and flavors, that make the best out of the essence of each product.

The proposal for this autumn by the Chef Patricia Dios is “False risotto with basil, shrimp and wedge clam bisque”. The ingredients of this surprising dish is the essence of the basil, the shrimp, bisque and rice.

Patricia has selected this dish out of this extensive menu for the simplicity and the combination of recognized flavors, using traditional cooking techniques mixed with avant-garde techniques.

On one side the risotto is cooked in a traditional way and for the other part the shrimp is cooked with a vacuum low temperature, in order to maintain all the properties of the food and the flavor. Is accompanied with airs and foams that give smells and contrast to the dish, making it at the same time a light dish.

The cooking with vacuum of the ingredients, combined with the low temperature heat, allows a control of the temperature and the weather in a very unique way. This allows to maintain all the properties without taking aside the characteristic flavor of each product and allows to cook each ingredient to the best point.

For last, a good technique by Patricia Dios is the use of foams in her kitchen; it can be with sweet or salty dishes. For example, with a mousse, that allows to get a  texture very light with a very intense flavor, going from a purée to a gelatin liquid.

It gives flavors and textures to the dishes without making them too heavy, with a touch of creativity and sophistication, two characteristics that can make a good experience with the cuisine of Patricia.

Without any doubt, this rich gastronomy is an scenery in Alicante to live an unique experience, very recommended for this fall.

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