New style at the Palace Guestrooms in Hospes Maricel & Spa

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New style at the Palace guestrooms of the emblematic Hotel Hospes Maricel & SPA

The famous architect and interior designer Tomás Alía has been the responsible of the great renovation in spaces and decoration.

Since last March 1st the Hotel Hospes Maricel & Spa, located in Mallorca, has inaugurated a new style in the rooms of the Palace building. This emblematic hotel on the island has refurbished its 29 rooms and its customers are already enjoying them.

This renovation has been developed  in the categories of Presidential Suite, Suite Sea View, Premium Sea View with Terrace, Deluxe Sea View and Dreamer’s Palace.

The designer Tomás Alía, has shaped the project based on all the elements present on the exterior of this majestic building projected towards the sea, in the Mediterranean culture, as well as in the artistic and traditional wealth of the island.

This renovation starts with the rethinking of the distribution of the spaces in the rooms, achieving a comfort and private environment .

Neutral colors have been used to highlight iconic furnishing elements such as the large headboard, which are now in the rooms, a dominant element made of the union of different materials, stone embedded in a oak frame, highlighted with metals, giving it a more current, practical and exclusive design, the geometry generated for the construction of this elevation is combined with different furniture elements personally designed by Tomás Alía, such as the carpet, desk, armchairs, with a more organic facet, counteracts the geometric rotundity of the headboard creating a general balance in the design.

In this design we also find winks to the local craft tradition, such as the traditional textile design of “Roba de Llengües”, starting from its graphic and chromatic configuration, Tomás Alía has designed the large carpet arranged in the bed area of ​​the room; night tables designed starting from a traditional ceramic technique together with the warmth of the wood whose cylindrical and textured design revitalizes these materials achieving a contemporary result.

Another of the iconic elements in this project is the latticework that compartmentalizes the connection in the different spaces of the room, composed of wood and metal embedded in each other on a surface of translucent glass, which allows the incidence of light between spaces.

To conclude this renovation, from Tomás Alía‘s study, a general lighting analysis has been made and the backlighting of the headboard has been influenced, the design of large sconces on each side of it with an overlay of brass sheets that frame the head and order this elevation. Ceiling lamps have been suspended, identifying the relaxation areas to create a differentiated scene through the light.

No doubt the result is a special environment of balance and comfort, where its location on the sea, place Hospes Maricel & Spa as a unique enclave to enjoy, relax and experience the range of services offered by Hospes, the avant-garde cuisine with Mediterranean dishes that can be tasted in its exclusive Maricel Restaurant, or the natural treatments of the Bodyna Spa, which applies in its rituals a wide range of the renowned Cinq Mondes products, or to just enjoy the endless sunsets…

Hotel Hospes Maricel & Spa *****

Ctra d’Andratx 11 | Cas Català (Calvià) | 07181 Mallorca
T (+34) 971 707 744

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