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Seville | “Pescaito” Menu

By | 25 March, 2024 | 0 comments

“Enjoy authentic pescaíto menu in a fully Sevillian atmosphere.

We have prepared a complete menu to enjoy one of the most well-known gastronomic specialties of Seville presented with a fresh and innovative style. Available on the night of April 13th at Azahar Restaurant.

Everything in our restaurant is designed for you to live a gastronomic experience with all five senses, from the sunlight that filters through the large glass windows of the dining room to the wood, esparto, and stone that make up the 18th-century Sevillian architecture of the building.


Book now and enjoy an authentic Sevillian experience:

Restaurante Azahar – Hospes Las Casas del Rey de Baeza

Plaza Jesús de la Redención | 41003 Sevilla”

+34 954 561 496 | reydebaeza@hospes.com


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