The smell of the memories

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Do you like having a collection of aromas in your memories? Are your trips labeled with this subtle and important sense?

If you believe that experiences are hand to hand with a smell, if you believe that in your journeys, the aromas have an important place. If your sense of humor is recharged when the environment is purified and contains aromas that reminds of places and that talk about colors, flavors and emotions, without a doubt you are a Hospes client.

In Hospes we give the same importance to the smell just like the sight, taste, or touch. Is a sense that we have to feed and that have to be sent with our positive and good feeling, that help our guests to take the most advantage to our hotels and that marks a difference in their stay.

Whatever the reason is for the trip, either be a personal trip, family or couple, accompanied by friends or business, we estimate that when reaching our Palaces, Senorial houses, convents, etc., the guest will know that has made the place of the comfort, wellness and balance with calm. Giving all the needs services, whether it be programmed or not, just because in Hospes every guest is unique and the needs may have very different needs, we will adapt to reach our only goal “The wellness of the guest”

Our aroma evokes exotics and disconnection, appearing in the entrance notes of our fragrance. Where the fruity notes of tangerine, pink berries and orange give way to the touches of thyme and cinnamon. Its heart is made up of discreet notes, sweet and elegant, with touches of jasmine and orange blossom, alternating with flashes of distinction thanks to succulent and sophisticated notes of cardamom, nutmeg, apple and cloves.

This olfactory trail culminates with a combination of luxury, tradition and well-being represented by amber, amizcle, cedar, vanilla and teck wood. This is the aroma of Hospes, the aroma that will accompany you on your travels and that can remain in your memory.

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