Would you like to stay in a Hotel with a Roman villa from the 1st century AD?

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If you want to live a unique experience, and feel the richness and the wealth of history, you can stay at Hospes Palacio del Bailío, in Córdoba, as soon as you pass the ticket to the Hotel you will feel how your journey begins in time. Besides being able to visit these ruins in a private way, you can enjoy them whenever you are in the Arbequina Restaurant, whose glass floor allows guests and clients to enjoy a historical jewel like this without a filter.

The Palace is an old manor house, characterized by its large dimensions and its courtyards and entire moldings of limestone covered with lime mortar. With 4 unique Andalusian patios with flowers, fruit trees and aromatic plants. In one of them you will find a pool that evokes an oasis, with fruit trees, palm trees and a beautiful vegetation.

At the entrance, greeting the new guest, a statuette of San Rafael, an order of the last owner, as a patronymic. Other decorative elements of this beautiful hall are the Roman pillars embedded in the walls of the covered gallery, the lobe (window that forms part of the wall), which is followed by a row of brick; and the thin columns that support the arches of the patio.

All the original features of the house have been preserved by performing valuable restoration work, so it still retains elements of great beauty to understand the historical past of the city of Cordoba. Its pinacoteca and its original frescoes of the XVII century in rooms and noble areas are the most beautiful peculiarities of the palace.

The Mudéjar Room, is a space that has a decoration inspired by the small apsidal chapel of the Mihrab of the Mosque of Cordoba, while its ceiling resembles that of the dome of the Macsura (enclosure of the mosque reserved for the caliph, the magnet or for burial of a character held in view of sanctity) of the Mosque.

If you stay in this Palace you will live an intense experience enjoying a boutique hotel with charm in Cordoba, Andalusia. A Hospes Hotel with five star service that allows you to taste the flavors of the land in the Arbequina Restaurant & Tapas Bar, relaxing in the impressive garden with protected species, having a snack on the vestiges of an old Roman house, or in its Bodyna Spa, which includes access to unique Roman baths in the city.

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