Dídac Vellvé’s cooking in autumn

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From Mallorca, our Chef Didac Vellvé propose us for this autumn season to discover “Hake loin on white asparagus cream, garlic sheets, boletus and claims”

La Cocina de Dídac Vellvé en OtoñoIn this dish the quality of the hake is the star, accompanied with a traditional preparation with an avant-garde twist.



In this dish the quality of the hake is the star, accompanied with a traditional preparation with an avant-garde twist.

We start with a mark of the supreme of the grilled hake leaving the center of the fish to the point, to favor the maintenance of its properties.

For the asparagus cream, we prepare a traditional fumet and is sifted so that it can stay crystal clear, independently is made a stir-fried base with garlic, the onion and the leek, when everything is sautéed we can add the stems of the White asparagus and is cooked a few minutes with the fumet, then we can crush and strain so that it has a fine, shiny and creamy texture.

For the preparation of the garlic chips, we cut the garlic as thin as possible and it is fried with olive oil at 100º. The boletus needs to be cut in for pieces and is marked on both sides. The claims need to be opened with water steam and with a bit of fumet, so it can have a little bit more of taste.

And for last but not least, is the presentation, we will have the boletus base and on top of that we put the hake, on top both of the asparagus layers and a flower. Around the hake we will put a few garlic chips with the opened claims, we will put a Little bit of extra virgin olive oil and we will cover it with the cream in order to serve it in the moment where is being presented to the diner.

This dish has a high level of proteins and calcium, and a low level of fat. This makes it totally equilibrated. The asparagus also are a strong antioxidant and diuretic properties, so this dish is also depurative. The boletus has high level of potassium which makes better the regulation of the content of water in the cells and its movement. And for last, the garlic is rich in C vitamin, B6 and manganese besides from being part of the cholesterol regulator and with antioxidant properties.

For all of this, this dish proposed by the chef Didac, it is not only a placer for the senses, but also gives us multiple benefits for our body and its depuration.

You can’t miss this dish in the Maricel Restaurant, which is in front of a privileged environment, which will make you live an unique experience and beneficial for your health.


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