Juan Agustín Rodríguez’s cooking in autumn

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Juan Agustín Rodríguez is in charge of the gastronomy in Hospes Palacio de San Esteban and shows its proposals with the El Monje Restaurant.

He defines its cooking with a fusion of traditional cooking from Salamanca with avant-garde touches. Recover and improve the recipes of yesteryear, where the protagonist is in the product quality and is transformed into good presentations with aromatic touches.

La Cocina de Juan Agustín Rodríguez en OtoñoJuan Agustín presents us his star dish for this autumn, the Boning suckling lamb cooked in low temperature with maple syrup and rosemary honey with potatoes. 

The low temperature cooking has the advantage to cook all the pieces of the food, empowering its textures and product flavors.

The lamb is a meat that is very popular in Salamanca with enormous health benefits. It is obtained from a young sheep (no more than one year old), and is served as a big source of needed nutrients for our bodies.

Because of the breeding practices, butchery and trimming methods, the quantity of lamb fat is reduced in a big level for the last twenty years, this is why it is considered such a healthy meat.

Also, the lamb meat contains high levels of selenium, a mineral which helps to attack the asthma attacks, it also has high levels of iron, which is an integral component of the hemoglobin and the formation of red cells of the blood in the body and it is also a good source of B12 vitamin, that promotes the health in our nervous system. For last, it contains niacin (B3 vitamin), that helps with the protection against Alzheimer disease.

Without a doubt your visit to Salamanca must be accompanied with a gastronomical tasting in the El Monje restaurant, located in the Hotel Boutique Hospes Palacio de San Esteban, and which chef Juan Agustín Rodríguez will make you like an unique culinary experience in Salamanca of five stars.

Restaurante El Monje

Arroyo de Santo Domingo, 3 – 37001 Salamanca
Reservas: (+34) 923 262 296 |

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