The cooking of Blas Hidalgo in Autumn

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Blas Hidalgo, propose us for this season that already has started and as a star dish from its kitchen in the Los Patos Restaurant, to taste the “Iberian eisbein glazed with dark beer”

La Cocina de Blas Hidalgo en OtoñoWe are talking about a roasted eisbein, cooked with a low temperature. The cooking with a low temperature is a splendid way to take advantage of the best taste, texture and nutritional properties of the dishes.


The low temperature cooking is when we are working at less than 100ºC. The purpose is for the inside of the heart of the protein is under 54ºC, this technique requires experience and the successful is to control the exact point when the product is prepared in each side to be as delicious and tasteful that in the inside.

The eisbein is accompanied with a glacé of Guiness sauce, confit potato garnish and Padrón’s peppers. A delightful dish in every manner.

Between other dishes that Blas recommends is Fish and Sea Food Soup, with a base of fish fumet, tomato, garlic and onion. The stars of this soup are the shrimp, the calamari and the mussels. This dish is cooked with a traditional technique that is called open flame. A plate with a lot of tasting that makes the cold a little bit better.

And for last, another specialty of this Valencian Chef, is the baked rice with ingredients are: rice, chickpeas, ribs, blood sausage, tomato, potato and saffron crocus, there is no mystery, but the result of the good preparation of Blas is spectacular and you cannot miss, it is also a tasty and energetic rice.

The Los Patos Restaurant is situated in Granada, in the Hotel Boutique Hospes Palacio de los Patos, and thanks to its patrimonial richness, its singular places are without a doubt the perfect plus with this rich gastronomy.


Solarillo de Gracia, 1 – 18002 Granada
Reservas: (+34) 958 535 790 |

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