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“The current avant-garde is created since the roots”. Now more than ever, we have left behind the molecular techniques, but we can say that we are still leaning on those.

The cooking that is being performed nowadays in Arbequina is the fruit of an extensive work and study of the elaboration around the world and the incorporation of product national and international. A type of cooking with the products used now and then, and imported from around the world with constant creativity transgression, getting back techniques and getting the maximum of the flavors.

We try to show new experiences, flavors and techniques. And we are always looking the surprise in the presentation and in the flavor. Our main purpose is to create a twisted balance, flavors that no one leaves behind, taking in consideration the power and the delicate, the roots and the transgression. We like to find the ideas in the difficulty of the unknown.

Borrowing traveler products and taking them into our field, taking our cooking ambassadors and making them into immigrants. Changing the concept of order in the table and surprising the client into making them discover in the dish or in its mouth the contrary of what it was expecting. A mature cooking that is always moving and improving.

Salmon shabu-shabu, vegetables kimpira and seasonal mushrooms, traditionally from Japan, this elaboration makes it different with ox cuts of Kobe’s race, that we have carried with a salmon loin, with a final cut, sashimi type that is through a thick salt osmosis in order to extract the water and defining the flavor.

This dish is made from fine cuts so that our customer can taste a dashi broth or hot water for it to be cooked. In our case the katsuobushi dashi with kombu, aonori, soy essence and sirache sauce. We accompany it with a vegetable kimpira with seasonal mushrooms, salmon eggs with salmuera (in order to texture and potentiate the flavor), shrimp bread with shichimi togarashi and baby leeks hearts.

The Japan’s chef tell that the shabu shabu is the sound that the meat makes when is being shaken inside a dashi, although there is a version that the shabu shabu is what is told when you are making the bath in order to measure the exact time where the broth needs to be cook.

In the Arbequina Restaurant we can find three different cooking proposals:

  • Gastro Bar and Pool Bar: Casual and different, dishes that is better to share, offering a big range of flavors, smells and twisted dishes with a different touch.
  • Arbequina Menu: From the best raw material, elaborated with nowadays techniques that is being marked in the most light cooking. Different, avant-garde and creative.
  • Gastronomic: in the night service, where the chef and its chef develops totally different ways to understand the cooking with Nara tasting (sentimental, sensible and full of character) and Osaka (full of live, creativity, dynamic and innovative)

A fresh cooking, where the product is the protagonist, where flavors, techniques and local and national products meet with flavors and different elaboration from Peru, Mexico, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and Thailand.


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