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Chef, Rafael Cantizano

Hospes Las Casas del Rey de Baeza – Sevilla

Dish recommended for its lightness “Steak tartar”

The steak tartar, a classic, enters our menu to stay and delight our guests with a preparation at the table and to the taste of the client.

A dish with history, with mentions being the most famous by Marco Polo and Jules Verne. Now we can enjoy them in our restaurant Azahar.

The success in the result of this dish, not only resides in the quality of the raw material, but in the way of marinating the products and mixing the ingredients.

The final assembly of the plate is also very important, as we all start eating with the sense of sight.

Restaurante Azahar

Plaza Jesús de La Redención, 2 – 41003 Sevilla
Reservas: +34 954 561 496 |

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