Seasonal recommendation Las Corchuelas Restaurant

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Chef, Jorge Galán

Hospes Palacio de Arenales & Spa- Cáceres

Using the product of the earth is keeping the tradition alive

Marmalade cake fritters with apple jam, port reduction and paprika salt. This dish is made by letting the Torta del Casar set to make the shape of the fritters. Once the shape of the donuts is mixed with the dough and fried, with this we get the inside of the donut becomes cream.

For the garnish an apple jam is made and a reduction of Port wine with sugar is added. To assemble the dish, we make it on the prepared jam and on it we place the fritters next to some sheets of fresh crunchy apple.

This dish in addition to the properties of the cheese, rich in phosphorus and one of the foods with more calcium, stands out for its texture and flavor.

The mixture of the apple, sheep’s cheese and Porto make this dish a mixture of very special and pleasant flavors and textures due to its creamy and crunchy texture.


Ctra N-521, Km 52
10005 Cáceres
T +34 927 620 490 | F +34 927 620 491

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