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Seasonal recommendation Los Patos Restaurant

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Hospes Palacio de los Patos – Granada

Cod with coconut milk, red chili, lime and coriander oil

It is a dish from Southeast Asia, with aromatic properties, very suitable for these dates for its lightness and pronounced flavors. The ingredients are: coconut milk, citronella, coriander, lime, red chili, cod, prawn.

The elaboration process is the following: we fry the garlic, the shrimp, we add the coconut milk, the cod and we cook it all together. We add the cilantro, lime, red chili. Cook, add the coriander oil 1 minute. Later it is plated, the result is very attractive both visually and in its textures and powerful flavors.


Solarillo de Gracia, 1 – 18002 Granada
Reservas: (+34) 958 535 790 | palaciopatos@hospes.com

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